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CD - Juniors Wells & The Aces - LIVE In Boston,1966


I will be the first to admit that Delmark's new release, Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" was kind of hard to get through, in a good way, I mean. You see some of the Tracks were so good when listening to them for the first time that I had to back track a few of them just so I could quickly give them another listen, before continuing on. My first detour came at Track 4, "Worried Life Blues", "one of the most covered of all blues songs" which was written by Major "Big Maceo" Merriweather in 1941. Another detour was hit at "That's All Right", a Jimmy Rogers classic. I really have not repeated songs before on previous reviewed Albums before listening to the whole Album, but Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" was just that kind of exceptional one.Junior Wells was born Amos Blackmore on December 9th, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee and was learning his first Harp licks at the age of 12 from another future legend, Little Junior Parker. In the early 1950's when Fred Below came on board as a drummer for the then Deuces, The Aces were born. When Little Walter left the Muddy Waters Band, it was Junior Wells whom jumped in to take his place and not to be out done, The Aces joined Little Walter. Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" marks a reuniting between Junior Wells and The Aces. By the time of this recording, which some believe may have originally been a bootleg or radio broadcast, Junior Wells was in the midst of redefining himself and had started leaning a bit more towards, R&B, Soul, and Rock N RolJunior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" is a wonderful look into the music of a important blues Legend and shows us just how versatile, unique, and creative of a showman Junior Wells was. This is highlighted by the banter of Wells' in between each song, so much so, that the banter is listed as their own tracks and go on upward of over 3 minutes on Track 15. This banter with the audience and the resulting feedback really gives this Album a special meaning and atmosphere.Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" consists of 11 musical tracks, all magnificent covers such as, "Worried Man Blues" (Major "Big Maceo" Merriweather), "That's All Right" (Jimmy Rogers), "Messin' With The Kid" (Mel London), and "Got My Mojo Workin'" (Preston Foster) to name a few. My favorite was "Worried Man Blues" and as mentioned earlier, the first of 2 Tracks I had to repeat before continuing on.The one thing I truly like about Live Albums is that they have a good degree of spontaneity and improvisation sprinkled throughout them, and Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" is no exception. A fine example of that can be found on the Track, "Junior's Whoop," where Junior goes off into his own world as his blows the hell out of his harp.Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966" was released by Delmark Records, a label which has built up a huge reputation over the last 55+ Years in bringing the world the opportunity to continue listening to the best Jazz and Blues that their ever was, and this fine Album, is absolutely no exception.I highly Recommend Junior Wells & The Aces "Live In Boston 1966", not only for it's historical significance, but also because it is one heck of a good Album.

JUNIORS WELLS - Vocals,Harmonica

1-Feelin' Good
2-Man Downstairs
4-Worried Life Blues
6-Junior's Whoop
7-That's All Right8. Talk
9-Look on Yonder's Wall
11-Messin' with the Kid
14-If You Gonna Leave Me
16-I Don't Know
18-Got My Mojo Workin'

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