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DVD - Rory Gallagher - Ghost Blues,The Story Of and The Beat Club Sessions


Ghost Blues – The Story of Rory Gallagher

This superb two disc DVD set tells for the first time the complete and fully authorised story of Rory Gallagher. On disc one “Ghost Blues” follows Rory’s life and career from his upbringing in Cork, his early days with a showband, the brief success of Taste and then his legendary solo career leading up to his health problems in later life and tragic death at the age of just 47. There are archive interviews, both audio and visual, with Rory and contributions from many of his friends and admirers including his brother Donal, Bob Geldof, The Edge, Cameron Crowe, Slash, Ronnie Drew, Bill Wyman, band members and many more. Disc two “The Beat Club Sessions” then shows what Rory Gallagher was really all about – a magnificent live performer. Drawn from three different appearances on the German TV series “Beat Club”, this disc contains over 90 minutes of previously unreleased live performances which illustrate why he inspired so many of the musicians who pay tribute to him in “Ghost Blues”

Beat Club Sessions

These previously unreleased live recordings by Rory Gallagher were made for the German TV series Beat Club. Recorded over three different appearances in the early seventies they capture Rory Gallagher in his element as a superb live performer. The tracklisting focuses on his first two solo albums and contains many classic songs that would carry on playing throughout his career. The CD is a companion release to the DVD of “Ghost Blues: The Story Of Rory Gallagher” which is released by Eagle Vision on the same day.

Disc 2:

The Beat Club Sessions
1 - Laundromat
2 - Hands Up
3 - Sinnerboy
4 - Just The Smile
5 - Used To Be
6 - In Your Town
7 - Should’ve Learned My Lesson
8 - Crest of a Wave
9 - Tore Down
10 - Pistol Slapper Blues
11 - I Don’t Know Where I’m Going
12 - Going To My Hometown
13 - I Could’ve Had Religion
14 - McAvoy Boogie
15 - Hoodoo Man
16 - Messin’ With The Kid

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