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CD - Point Blank - Second Season


With the success of their eponymous debut recording, Point Blank had a reasonable amount of momentum heading into the studio to record Second Season. But rather than rearrange or pepper things up a bit in the recording process, Point Blank pretty much stay the same as they did for their first record: a five-piece (they ditched the keyboardist) writing songs around crunchy blues guitar riffs that resemble a hybrid of British hard rock (Zeppelin, Deep Purple) and Southern rock. As a result, there really isn't much improvement over the first album (save for the removal of the cheesy, pun-infected cover art, replaced by the lads in the band "taking it easy" in the backyard, complete with yellow sunlit soft-focus photography). It's not the worst album in the Point Blank catalog, but it certainly isn't the best. For die-hard fans and Southern rock fanatics only.

Rusty Burns - Guitar,Vocals
Kim Davis - Vocals,Guitar
John O'Daniel - Vocals
Peter Gruen - Drums


1-Part Time Lover
2-Back in the Alley
3-Rock and Roll Hideaway
4-Stars And Scars 2
5-Beautiful Loser
6-Uncle Ned
7-Tattooed Lady
8-Nasty Notions
9-Waiting for a Chang2

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