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Walter Trout - Walter Trout,1998

Walter Trout
Walter Trout,1998

Walter Trout's eponymous debut for Ruf finds the former Canned Heat and John Mayall guitarist at the top of his game, tearing through a number of original contemporary blues songs. The songwriting occasionally is a little undistinguished, but Trout sounds dynamic throughout the album, capable of fiery leads and sensitive, lyrical solos. It was made for aficionados of blues guitar, and it won't disappoint anyone looking for that kind of record.

1 Got a Broken Heart Trout
2 Obstacles in My Way
3 One Way Street
4 Tender Heart
5 Come Home Trout
6 Marie's Mood
7 Hardtime Blues
8 In Love With You Again
9 Don't Worry About It
10 Song for a Wanderer
11 Temptation
12 Walkin' in the Rain Trout
13 If You Ever Change Your Mind Trout
14 Jules Well
15 Let Me Be the One
16 Boo


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