lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

DVD - Ten Years After - Live at the Marquee

Live At The Marquee
July 1,1983

Avin Lee - Guitar
Chick Churghill - Keyboards
Leo Lyons - Bass
Ric Lee - Drums

01. Love Like a Man
02. I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always
03. Good Morning Little School Girl
04. Help Me
05. Woodchoppers Ball
06. Slow Blues
07. I’m Going Home

Bajar Show (DVDRIP/AVI/1 Link) :

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  1. hello I am from brazil and I love argentina, specially messi and maradona. and I love the music from argentina too. bands like soda stereo and horcas are very good bands. but let's talk about "ten years after". this show it's a SHOW! everybody must see it (watch it).

  2. Jejeje Fuerte abrazo vinillica records!!!!!!!! y aguante Maradona y Soda Stereo!!!!!!!! (Messi tiene aque ganar una Copa del Mundo para entrar en esa Categoría.........)