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John Mayall - Live From Austin TX

Live From Austin,TX

This Austin City Limits session was recorded September 13, 1993, showcasing Wake Up Call, the latest release from the 90 s edition of the Bluesbreakers, which besides Mayall included Coco Montoya, Rick Cortes and Joe Yuele. Montoya in particular shines as he tears off one seamless guitar solo after another.
Always musical movers and shakers, they mix it up this time in a melting pot of blues spiced with a little jazz, gospel and rock, but it doesn t get any better than Jimmy Reed´s Ain t That Lovin You or Junior Wells heartbreaker I Could Cry.

Rick Cortes - Bass,Vocals

David Grisson - Guitar,Guest Appearnce

John Mayall - Guitar,Harmonica,Keyboard,Vocals

Coco Montoya - Guitar,Vocals

Joe Yuele - Drums

01. I Want to Go (Lenoir)

02. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Reed)
03. Maydell (Haynes, Neel)
04. Wake Up Call (Egan, Lewis)
05. I’m a Sucker for Love (Mayall)
06. Nature’s Disappearing (Mayall)
07. I Could Cry (Blakemore)
08. The Bear (Mayall)
09. Mail Order Mystics (Smither)

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