jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

Rusty Zinn - Zinfidelity Vol 1


Singer/songwriting guitarist Rusty Zinn shifts gears on his fourth album, and first in nearly five years, to become a blue-eyed, red-headed soulman. That's not to say he abandons the jazzy, guitar-slinging West Coast/Texas swinging sound that dominated his first three releases. In fact, the second track, an original called "Treat You Like a Queen," shows that style is still a primary influence. But Zinnfidelity, Vol. 1 highlights Zinn's love of classic '70s-styled R&B, focusing on his soulful vocals and sizzling arrangements that wouldn't have been out of place on Howard Tate's magnificent debut. To that end, he dusts off obscure sides from Tiny Powell ("Get My Hat"), Sammy Taylor ("Ain't That Some Shame"), and Ricky Allen ("Talkin' Bout You"), all songs that should have been hits but were buried on rare 45s. Zinn attacks them with fresh energy, sticking to the original arrangements but injecting youthful enthusiasm and real emotion into the lyrics. A fan of reggae, he goes all Jimmy Cliff on his own "Put Your Hand in Mine," recalling classic Jamaican music with its horn charts, loping beat, and compressed yet rhythmic drum sound. "Zinn Bootyism" takes its title from its blaxpoitation '70s approach -- a cool, sexy, and funky detour sprayed with afro-sheen pseudo-hip urban speak that doesn't really mesh with the rest of the disc, but is a lot of fun. He also shifts into '60s slow-dance mode on the ballad "In Your Dreams" and the closing a cappella doo wop "Love Him or Leave Him." It's an unusual but appropriate way to end an album that marks an exciting new beginning for an established talent who has been overlooked because his previous releases didn't do him justice or adequately demonstrate his range. That has been rectified on this solid and frisky album, which gives Zinn a new lease on life

Rusty Zinn.Personnel:
Bob Welsh - Guitar,Fender Rhodes Piano,Organ
Wendell Kelly - Trumpet
Walter Salwitz - Drums
Angila Witherspoon - Background Vocals

1.Talkin' 'Bout You
2.Treat You Like a Queen
3.Falling in Love Again
5.Put Your Hand in Mine
6.Get My Hat
7.Real Stuff
8.Life I Used to Know
9.Ain't That Some Shame
10.In My Dreams
11.Zinn Bootyism
12.Love Him or Leave Him

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