miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Monster Mike Welch - Just Like It Is


A great blues album from a great guitarist. To me this is one of the best blues cd in 2007 along with Otis Grand´s "Hipster blues". The opening track " She makes time " is an uptempo blues and it´s really great. The rest of the tracks is a mix of slow blues and funky blues. Sometimes you can feel the spirit of Peter Green in Mike´s playing. He also sings the best i have heard before.A mature cd for such a young guy.Mike is in good company ´with the likes of Anthony Clarke, Brad Hallen and Mark Teixeira wich backs him up perfectly.

Monster Mike Welch - Vocals,Guitar
Anthony Geraci - Piano,Organ
Brad Hallen - Bass
Mark Teixeira - Drums


01. She Makes Time
02. Please
03. My Baby Loves Me
04. Don't Expect Me to Cry
05. Keep on Walking
06. I'm Gonna Move to Another Country
07. Sticky Whisket
08. A Perfect World
09. Now That You're Gone
10. I'm Not a Stupid Man
11. Love That Burns
12. Move Along
13. I Got a Strange Feeling

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