lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Monster Mike Welch - These Blues Are Mine


Recorded when the Boston-based guitarist was merely 16, These Blues Are Mine sounds more seasoned than a debut release should, especially from someone so young. Mike Welch has chops, no question; what's astounding is that while there's a fair bit of noodling on this album, it fits the music, instead of flying above it in some sort of technique-ridden stratosphere. It helps that Welch's backing band is made up of seasoned professionals who stay with him all the way through, and that his material is so solid; "Honest Love" (written in conjunction with guitarist George Leroy Lewis, as were several other songs on the album) in particular is surprisingly mature. Overall, this is a very strong debut that makes a great argument against dismissing Welch as yet another blues wunderkind--he's definitely one to watch in the future.

1. Freezer Burn
2. These Blues are Mine
3. It Might Not Be Me
4. I Forget
5. Texas Girl
6. Lover And A Friend
7. Jessie's Blues
8. Looking Back
9. Honest Love
10. Keep On Doing
11. Leroy's Mood
12. Cold Poison

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