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DVD - The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Invitation Only

Los Angeles,Febrero 2000

The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been around for almost 30 years, though most of us know little about them. Some will know they had a catchy song called Powerful Stuff on the Cocktail soundtrack, and others will know that Steve Ray Vaughan’s brother, Jimmy, was a founding member, but that would be about it. Here then is a chance to learn more, should you so choose.The band is best described as a piano-driven rock band that has it roots buried deep in traditional rock and roll, with heavy rockin’ blues with upbeat soul tinges. They may have begun life as more of a blues band, but rock and roll is where they are at these days. They are all talented musicians who play with great feel and technical skill.The lead vocalist, Kim Wilson, is the only original member, but the rest of the band have played together for years in one band or another. In case you’re wondering, Jimmy Vaughan left in 1989.This show was recorded in Los Angeles in February 2000, was broadcast on the 'net, and is also available on CD and DVD-A. The band rip through 13 numbers, all played with gusto. The band and audience are all obviously having a great time, and there are even people dancing down the front, really dancing and not just swaying from side to side.The show, as said, is slightly edited, just to tighten things up a little (removing gaps during guitar changes and before the encore, that sort of thing), and there is some good camera work and lots of close-ups of these talented musicians in full swing. There are no whiz bang pyrotechnics, dancing girls or huge video screens, but plenty of diversity of style, instrumentation and good old fashioned harmony singing.Fans of the band (wherever and whoever they are) will get a kick out of this DVD, and there are some great extras to boot. The Region 1 DVD is identical, save for the format, so this version provides great value all round.

Lead Singer

KID RAMOS - Ghitar

1-Wait On Time
2-My Babe
3-The Things I Used To Do
4-The Music Is On
5-I Can Tell
6-Look Watcha Done
7-Wrap It Up
8-Early Every Morning
9-She’s Tough
10-I Believe I’m In Love
11-People Will Be People
12-Tuff Enuff
13-Where Were You

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