jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Charlie Musselwhite - Goin Back Down South

Goin Back Down South

Combining two leftovers from Takin' My Time with a much later session featuring Chicago pianist Lafayette Leake didn't do much for this LP's continuity, but it was nice to see the tracks see the light of day (especially Robben Ford's jazz instro "Blue Stu," a rare recorded example of him on alto sax). Musselwhite and Leake together proves a natural, especially on "On the Spot Boogie," with Musselwhite quoting Charlie Parker's "Now's the Time." Musselwhite's guitar playing makes its first appearance on vinyl here: the primitive country blues of "Taylor, Arkansas" and a nod to Earl Hooker's slide playing, "Blue Steel."

Charlie Musselwhite - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Lafayette Leake - Piano
Tim Kaihatsu - Guitar
Larry Martin - Drums
Karl Sevareid - Bass

Skip Rose - Piano (1-4)
Robben Ford - Guitar (1), Sax (4)
Pat Ford - Drums (1-4)
Gerald Pederson - Bass (1-4)

1. Crazy For My Baby
2. Blue Steel
3. Take Me Back
4. Blue Stu
5. This Old Night Life
6. Taylor's Arkansas
7. Cut You Loose
8. If Trouble Was Money
9. On The Spot Boogie

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