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DVD - Eric Clapton, Live In Hyde Park 1996

London,Saturday June 23,1996

Not to be confused with the 1980s vintage concert video Eric Clapton & Friends, +Live in Hyde Park is a first-rate showcase for the guitar legend's playing, offering him ample room to work out on acoustic as well as electric guitar and a fine display of his oft-overlooked vocal skills. Opening up with an acoustic rendition of "Layla," the performance starts off on a subtle note before plunging into the higher-wattage straits of "Badge" and other songs -- working alongside Clapton are Dave Bronze on bass, Andy Fairweather-Low on guitar, Chris Stainton on keyboards, Steve Gadd on drums, Jerry Portnoy on harmonica, Roddy Lorimer, Simon Clarke, and Tim Sanders on horns, plus a girl vocal duo and a gospel choir singing backup. Interestingly, in addition to the expected numbers associated directly with Clapton and his idols -- including "Hoochie Coochie Man," "I Shot the Sheriff," "Five Long Years," and "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" -- he also performs "White Room," a number written by and much more closely associated with (and, indeed, still in the repertory of) Jack Bruce. The latter is transformed into something much more lyrical and upbeat than the Cream original. The sound, which offers a selection of stereo, DTS, and 5.1 Surround, is impeccable, and the full-screen (1.33-to-1) image is even better, with lively, mobile camera work, and coupled with the fact that the 89-minute program captured Clapton on what looks like an especially "on" gig, this is a purchase that any fan, dedicated or casual, can make with confidence. The disc opens automatically on an easy-to-use menu with the "play" option in the default position

Line Up:
Eric Clapton
... Guitar, Vocals
Dave Bronze ... Bass Guitar
Steve Gadd ... Drums
Andy Fairweather ... Guitar
Jerry Portnoy ... Harmonica
Chris Stainton ... Keyboards
Roddy Lorimer ... Kick Horns
Simon Clarke ... Kick Horns
Tim Sanders ... Kick Horns
Katie Kissoon ... Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles ... Backing Vocals

1. Layla (Eric Clapton, Jim Gordon)
2. Badge (Eric Clapton, George Harrison)
3. Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon)
4. I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley)
5. It Hurts Me Too (Elmore James)
6. Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)
7. Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd)
8. Tearing Us Apart (Eric Clapton, Greg Phillinganes)
9. Old Love (Eric Clapton, Robert Cray)
10. I'm Tore Down (Freddie King)
11. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Billy Myles)
12. White Room (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown)
13. Every Day I Have The Blues (T-Bone Walker)
14. Holy Mother (Eric Clapton, Stephen Bishop)

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