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CD - Nuno Mindelis-Long Distance Blues

Born in Cabinda (Angola), Eastern Africa on Aug. 7, 1957, Nuno Mindelis became a guitar enthusiast at the very young age of 5.
By the age of 9 he began building and playing self-made guitars.
A primary influence at that time was Otis Redding and his great rhythm section, Booker T. & The MG's, made up of Booker T., Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, and Al Jackson. Nuno continues to enjoy the work of these musicians to this day.
Nuno joined an older cousin in Canada where he played jams.He remained there for about a year.
In 1976, following a year of separation from his family, he decided to rejoin them in their newfound home of Brazil.
Nothing eventful happened until 1990, when an independent recording he had made there began to receive airplay on local radio stations.
In 1991 he was invited to record his debut solo album, "Blues & Derivados", which received very positive reviews in Brazilian media.
In 1992 he recorded his second solo album, "Long Distance Blues" for the "Movieplay Records" label. For this album Nuno was joined by Larry McCray, guitarist from Gary Moore's band, and French harp player J.J. Milteau.
The album received rave reviews from Brazilian media.
As part of his promotional tour for the album, Nuno was fortunate to gain a spot in a blues festival in Sao Paulo featuring Robert Cray, Otis Clay, Ronnie Earl, Lonnie Brooks, and Bo Diddley.
1994 saw Nuno's first known recognition by a major American music magazine. "Guitar Player Magazine" profiled Nuno in an issue. Further recognition came in their May, 1998 issue, as Nuno was selected as "Best Blues Guitarist".
In 1995 Nuno was invited to play at Antone's 20th Anniversary in Austin, Texas, opening for Guy Forsite, Junior Wells, and others. Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Storyville also performed at this event. The headlines of the Austin Blues newspaper warned of Nuno's forthcoming visit as "The South American Beast is coming!".
Later that year Nuno would record his album "Texas Bound", featuring newly made friends Tommy Shannon & Chris Layton, Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section supreme, "Double Trouble". Texas Bound was the 12th blues best seller in Belgium , Netherlands and Luxembourg’s charts in 1997.
In 1999 Nuno released "Blues On The Outside". Again, rave reviews from the media.
In 2001 Nuno was invited to play the 22nd Montreal International Jazz Festival and his name was announced alongside with such names as Prince ,George Benson, Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall, John Hammond just to name a few.
His main presentation at open air for aproximately 20.000 people was considered as some of the best blues presentations of the Festival by the critic . This led to another invitation for the 2004 edition of the festival . Again, great response from either audience and critic.
In 2003 Nuno released the album “Twelve Hours” , which is considered by many people as his best album ever . What they are saying about Twelve Hours:
"Twelve Hours, the fourth album from Brazil's Nuno Mindelis, explodes with heavy, Hendrix-Vaughan guitar. On "Stormy Minded Man," Mindelis uses a nasally wah-wah tone and undeniable technique, alternating legato lines with extremely rapid picking over a deep groove; throaty harp from Thiago Cerveira and snarling guitar adorn the sinuous, back-scratching rhythm of Paul Orta's "Shake It." The playing throughout is imaginative, hard, fast and not for the faint of heart. But the rhythm section knows how to play blues; this is not a rock record. "I Got You Baby" and the slow "Dana's Song" and "Dizzy Blues" are particularly impressive if not overly subtle (not that subtlety scores points in blues-rock!)." BLUES REVUE, Issue No. 85, Dec/Jan 2004, pg. 92
"After only one listen the new disc from Nuno Mindelis "Twelve Hours", the first thing I wanted to do was...listen to it again! I hate to do comparisons, but with a voice like Johnny Winter only better, and a hint of Stevie Ray Vaughan in the guitar, this disc smokes from start to finish! Blues/Rock fans are gonna eat this up. You'll wear-out this disc before you ever take it out of the tray!" Doug Bolin, 105.9 The Rock, Nashville
"This guy can write good lyrics as well as playing faultless guitar … … The lasting impression that I get from listening to this CD is how all the band members fit together so well --- the music blends all the different instruments together perfectly. All in all, a very good album --- and one that you'll listen to a lot if you buy it." Terry Clear, Blues Bytes (Sept 2003)
"A CD that'll become a Classic in Modern Blues Guitar. Remember in the 1990s when everyone was asking "Where is the next Stevie Ray V.?" In one sense it was totally absurd to be asking that question (in a literal definition) but it's been proven repeatedly (like it or not) for Blues music to do well in the marketplace we need a high profile, commercially viable artist like Stevie Ray or Johnny Winter or Robert Cray, etc. I feel that anyone who has the power and charisma to put Blues into the eyes/ears of the under 30 crowd is a blessing and a necessary ingredient for a sustained Blues boom. Of course, we all hope and pray for an artist that also possesses class and a sense of duty and commitment to the Blues and one who won't embarass the genre. Some of the "messiahs" of the last several years were lacking credibility (we won't mention their teenage names) and talents but I must say I have no qualms about throwing total support and belief behind Nuno Mindelis. … … incredible talent level driving, intense performances, stellar production plus very memorable material. I smell a megastar in the making. While many hardcore blues fans may not be too keen on giving Nuno a chance, I would suggest you listen first to the man and listen carefully. When was the last time you heard this much passion and talent combined? 1983 or 1969 would be an appropriate answer. "... … Is the world ready for a South American-based King of Blues guitar? … … 5 big bottles for a CD that'll become a classic in modern blues guitar. Nuno Mindelis has arrived." A Grigg, Real Blues magazine.
Think SRV. Nuno Mindelis, the South American beast who is coming to your town....his technical skills may be described as truly Stevie Ray Vaughan" Ingemar Kaarlson, Jefferson Blues Magazine Issue ..136(Sweden)
"His tone and phrasing are killer..a consistently excellent CD. Loaded with Nuno's biting guitar leads, "Twelve Hours" is Nuno's best release to date. His tone and phrasing are killer, delivering tons of passion and feeling. This is a consistently excellent CD."
"Smoldering, blistering, and just flat out full tilt killer blues! This is the CD that I have been waiting for ever since we lost SRV back in '90, without a doubt Nuno's best stuff to date. Smoldering, blistering, and just flat out full tilt killer blues! All you up and coming blues guitarists out there better sit-up and take notice because this is how you're supposed to play the blues! Could this be a Blues/Rock CD of the year candidate? … … Nuno is a master at his craft I can't think of anyone in the game today that lets the blues flow out of him so naturally. This CD is a prime example of why they call him "The Beast"! You can't go wrong with this one, a must have CD for 2003 defiantly a Top10!!! Visit the official Nuno Mindelis website, and then pick up a copy at CD" Reviewer: Bandit Blues Radio

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