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Gary Moore - Greatest Hits


Gary Moore is acknowledged as one of the finest musicians that the British Isles has ever produced. In a career that dates back to the 1960s, there are few musical genres that he has not turned his adroit musical hand to, and has graced the line-ups ever several notable rock bands, Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II and Skid Row to name but three. Gary was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on April 4th 1952. Like many others, he was turned on to rock and roll first through hearing Elvis Presley, and then via The Beatles. Seeing the likes of Jimi Hendrix and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in his hometown in the mid-60s opened up to him the rich world of The Blues. Hearing the art of the Blues guitar performed by such lauded exponents as Peter Green fired Moore's nascent talent, and it wasn't long before he was being hailed as a teen musical prodigy.


01. Walking By Myself (2:56)
02. Cold Day In Hell (4:23)
03. Still Got The Blues (6:09)
04. Parisienne Walkways (Live) (6:47)
05. Oh Pretty Woman (4:25)
06. If You Be My Baby (6:39)
07. Stormy Monday (6:54)
08. King Of The Blues (4:30)
09. Story Of The Blues (4:31)
10. You Upset Me Baby (3:14)
11. Walkin' Thru The Park (2:59)
12. Need Your Love So Bad (4:06)
13. Too Tired (2:51)
14. Enough of the Blues (4:44)
15. Bad For You Baby (2:55)
16. That's Why I Play The Blues (4:06)
17. As The Years Go Passing By (7:44)


01. Texas Strut (4:53)
02. Since I Met You Baby (With B.B. King) (2:54)
03. Midnight Blues (5:00)
04. Left Me With The Blues (3:07)
05. Jumpin' At Shadows (4:22)
06. Looking Back (2:22)
07. I Loved Another Woman (3:10)
08. Supernatural (3:04)
09. The Sky Is Crying (4:56)
10. Power Of The Blues (2:32)
11. All Your Love (3:42)
12. Picture of the Moon (7:16)
13. One Day (4:02)
14. Separate Ways (4:57)
15. Like angels (7:35)
16. Eveninґ (5:50)
17. Trouble Ain't Far Behind (9:34)

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