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DVD - Chicken Shack - I'd Rather Go Live

I'd Rather Go Live,2004

During the summer of 2004, CHICKEN SHACK enthralled a packed audience at a venue in the south of England where this DVD concert footage was filmed. STAN WEBB and Chicken Shack performed their hits live and more. The more includes songs from Stans solo albums. Chicken Shack first entered the UK charts in 1969 with I'd Rather Go Blind and had a number of Top 40 chart albums. This DVD shows them at their best-playing live and whilst the Hit singles may have diminished the performances of the band continue to entertain and enthral their audiences all over Europe. This DVD is over 2 hours in length and includes tracks from the band as well as bonus features of interview with Webb.
Weathering numerous lineup changes, which have plagued the band since Chicken Shack entered the charts with their 1969 single "I'd Rather Go Blind," this R&B and blues-based band continue to tour extensively. This show, held in the south of England in 2004, delighted the packed audience, as the group played a selection of songs from throughout Chicken Shack's career, as well as band leader Stan "The Man" Webb's solo work. The infectious music is irresistible as the groups plays such songs as "Reconsider Baby," "I Know You Know Me," "Doctor Brown," and "Stan's Blues." An interview with Stan rounds out the release.


1-Vox Pops (interviews With Fans)
2-So Tell Me
3-The Thrill Has Gone
4-Reconsider Baby
5-I Know You Know Me
6-You Are The Sweetest Little Thing/ Urt
7-Stan Webbös Chicken Shack Opera
9-Doctor Brown
10-I'd Rather Go Blind
11-The Daughter Of The Hillside
12-Stanös Blues
13-Interview With Stan Webb
14-Band History And Discgraphy

Stan Webb

Gary Davies

Jim Rudge

Mick Jones

Bajar Show(DVDRIP/AVI/1Link): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XF0UTZ43

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