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DVD - Snowy White,Live From London

Live From London
Recorded at the Camden Palace Theatre
London on 30 th November ,1984

By late 1979, tiring of the session scene, Snowy White accepted the offer to join the rock band Thin Lizzy. Snowy recorded two albums with Thin Lizzy (Chinatown and Renegade) and completed a number of successful tours before deciding that the bands' music, and more importantly their lifestyle, wasn't to his taste.
This DVD was filmed in London during the mid 1980s and captures Snowy White and his band at the Camden Palace performing their brand of contemporary blues in front of a large and appreciative audience. Whilst Snowy White perhaps shuns the "guitar hero" tag it can't be ignored that he is certainly one of the most tasteful guitarists currently playing the live circuit as the performance captured on this DVD proves.


1. Stepping Stones
2. Broken Promises
3. Lucky Star
4. For The Rest Of My Life
5. Bird Of Paradise
6. Cross Roads
7. Journey
8. Answer
9. Chinese Burn
10. Fortune
11. You're No Good

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