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DVD - Robin Trower- Winterland,1975


Robin Trower was one of the first of the 1970s guitar heroes, bending guitar strings to make them cry, whisper, and roar.Robin Trower is indeed one of the great guitar soloists in rock and roll. The thing that sets Robin apart is his unique style, andhis guitar sound. The mainstay of Robin Trower's magic has always been his Fender Stratocaster. He is a dedicated Strat diehard introduced Robin to the Stratocaster in the late 60's. The wide tonal sweep of the Strat allows Trower to range from a punchy, piercing bite, to a throaty growl, all while maintaining his clear,precise sound.Trower's career has spanned more than three decades. In his early playing days, from 1962 to 1966, he formed various bands in London. In 1967, he joined "Procol Harum" with whom he remained until 1972. In 1973 Robin went solo releasing "Twice Removed From Yesterday" which stunned the worlds rock guitar fans. Trower displayed his uncanny ability to channel Jimi Hendrix's bluesy/psychedelic guitar playing, all the while maintaining his own unique style.
A year later he released his masterpiece "Bridge Of Sighs" and cemented his guitar legend status for all time. Trower released an average of one album per year throughout the rest of the 70s and into 80s, taking his place among the ranks of guitar superstars. To this day, he still makes CD's and retains an ardently loyal flock of fans. Robin Trower remains one of the powerhouse guitar players of the golden age of hard rock.
This is a powerful performance from Trower, with the rich vocals of bassist James Dewar and Bill Lordan on drums. This first 70
seconds of "Bridge Of Sighs" is audio only. The visual quality of this video averages about 8/10. B/W

1-Day Of The Eagle
2-Bridge Of Sighs
3-Gonna Be More Suspicious
4-Fine Day
5-Lady Love
7-Too Rolling Stoned
8-I Can't Wait Much Longer
10-Little Bit Of Sympathy
11-Confessin' Midnight
12-Rock Me Baby
13-The Fool And Me

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