martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

DVD - Peter Green - Man Of The World (BBC Document)


Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green’s tale is a tragic one, but well worth the telling, and this new documentary does it in some style. Apart from tracking down Fleetwood and McVie, they’ve also found mercurial guitarist Jeremy Spencer, Green’s original stage foil, who ran off to join The Children Of God. He adds fresh insights, while Fleetwood Mac manager Clifford Adams (aka Davis), producer Mike Vernon, celebrity fan Carlos Santana, svengali John Mayall and even Green’s ex-girlfriend, the subject of Black Magic Woman, contribute on camera.
There’s plenty of TV archive footage and evocative still photos to liven things up. In many ways, the only disappointment is Green himself, whose grasp on things is clearly still shaky after the bad trip that effectively ended his career in 1970. But he remains at the centre of things, and the memories of others add to his own to produce the most complete picture yet of an enigmatic figure whose impact on British blues-rock, albeit for a few short late-60s years, was incalculable.

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