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Charles Brown - Blues And Other Love Songs

Charles Brown
Blues And Other Love Songs
Recorded at Hyde Street Studios
San Francisco, California from January 20-22, 1992.

Unlike Jimmy Scott, Charles Brown never really disappeared--he just kind of scuffled along through the '70s, turning out his fulsome, flamboyant blues till he got a second career boost in the '90s right up unto his death. Along with ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD, the Houston Person-produced BLUES AND OTHER LOVE SONGS is one of his better later sessions. Like Jimmy too, his voice is mostly shot--the vocals are mostly tossed off--but his piano playing is better than ever! Not too many bluesmen could play such a rich, credible version of "'Round Midnight", not all that different from one of Monk's solo renditions. Likewise, the lively instrumental "One Mint Julep" sustains interest for over nine minutes. The production is clean, Brown's propulsive piano stylings refreshing his weathered voice like a cool drink of water, and old favorites like "Fool That I Am" and "You Are My First Love' get one more spin around the block.

Charles Brown (vocals, piano)
Danny Caron (guitar)
Houston Person (tenor saxophone)
Ruth Davies (bass)
Gaylord Birch

1. Do You Want Me?
2. Fool That I Am
3. Who's Beating My Time?
4. I Put Myself Together
5. What a Life
6. One Mint Julep
7. You Are My First Love
8. 'Round Midnight
9. Before the Evening Sun Sets
10. I've Got a Right to Cry

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